Kentucky’s Most Trusted Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

We deliver anesthesia services in a large number of hospitals throughout KY and Indiana, many with which we have decades-long relationships. We are recognized by our client partners for our professionalism, cooperation, reliability and commitment to excellence – all essential to delivering safe, high-quality anesthesia to patients in these facilities.



Adam Montgomery MD
Raymond Depa DO, FAOCA
Michael Goodwin DO
Willie Wang MD
Wayne Pretilia MD
Anthony Lopez MD
Raymond Monaco MD
Richard Schertz MD


Casey Lanius CRNA
Lauren Lambdin CRNA
Bart Rudd CRNA
Iris Horton CRNA
Kaitlyn Shields CRNA
Linda Hall CRNA
Jennifer Volmer CRNA
Ron Slone CRNA
Brett Stoner CRNA
Steven Riley CRNA
Larry Keister CRNA
Dee Dee Hamilton CRNA
Jason Wilson CRNA
Tonya Campbell CRNA
Samantha Lane CRNA
Alanna Beaudette CRNA
Tarah Rose CRNA
Stephanie Tucker CRNA
Tami Heneger CRNA
Samantha Liford CRNA
Jennifer Blish CRNA
Corissa Stovall CRNA
Lainie Barberena CRNA
Chris Griffin CRNA

Anesthesia Technicians

Glen Isaacs Anesthesia Technician
Christine Woodall Anesthesia Techician