Pre-surgery screening may be done by phone or in-person and is done to gather physical history, medications history and give patients an opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed setting. Some pre-op patients wonder if it’s really necessary to do a pre-surgery screening, presuming that they are in good health and want to make this a one-day experience. However, we view this pre-procedure visit (in person or on the phone) to be beneficial in several ways:

  • We can gather all the required documentation needed. The medical information is readily available for review. We want you to have the best possible experience and outcome.
  • We can get most of the computer work done ahead so that your day of surgery begins smoothly and efficiently.
  • The pre-op physical gathers information that prevents delay or even cancellation of your surgery due to some previously-unknown health situation. We all want to avoid surgery day surprises.
  • Most people don’t realize that 70% of anesthesia time is in preparation. Pre-surgery screening allows us to have all the proper equipment and medicines readily available to keep you safe.
  • You will be asked to abstain from food from midnight before your surgery. You may have clear liquids (water, exercise drinks like more than 20 total fluid ounces) up until 4 hours before your arrival at the hospital. This is critical and strict adherence is required in order to have your surgery. Eating or drinking within these time frames put your health at severe risk during the surgery.
  • You may have a small sip of water with any of your medications that your doctor wants you to take.
  • There are special situations and protocols like colonoscopy preps, ERAS protocols, and pediatrics patients that require to carefully follow the preoperative instructions.
  • Meet the anesthesiologist! We are fortunate that our pre-op clinic is near the operating rooms, allowing a one-on-one consultation if needed and direct access to address any problems.