Through our work with Merrick Management, an outstanding company providing accounting and professional management services exclusively to anesthesia practices, we capture critical data sets on costs, claims management and make available comprehensive financial reporting customized to our clients’ needs. We are known for our strength in capturing:

  • Financial information related to payer mix and billable units as it relates to the surgeon, facility, and procedure.
  • Data that enables improvement in operating room efficiencies and enhancing post-operative outcomes. Guided by Anesthesia Quality Institute recommended indicators, we are able to provide detail around cases done, total minutes billed, detail on historically top ten cases, on-time starts, Physician Quality Reporting System compliance, documentation compliance, patient complaints, cases completed uneventfully, critical event occurrence, adequacy of pain management and overall patient satisfaction.
  • We are committed to participation in continuous anesthesia quality assurance programs in concert with the American Society of Anesthesiologists Anesthesia Quality Institute.
  • A customized Kentucky Anesthesia Group data package is available upon request.

Administrators in the hospitals we serve appreciate both the level of professionalism with which we deliver anesthesia and our business acumen, with all of this contributing to a strong symbiotic partnership. We build relationships with hospitals for the long-term and our Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists build long-term relationships within Kentucky Anesthesia Group as well.

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