Because you have already had your pre-surgery screening, your pre-op time at the hospital on the day of surgery can be spent on giving you a smooth and safe experience. You have been given clear instructions on what time to arrive at the hospital and it is important to arrive on time. Please be sure to have removed any piercings and fingernail polish on one index finger, preferably both:

  • Please go to registration, they will let us know you are here and start the admission process, and direct you to the preoperative surgical preparation area.
  • Please check in at the operating room front desk. This is where you can present any paperwork you received in registration.
  • Sometimes there are emergencies and things get delayed. We sincerely want things to run on time, but saving lives is the most important thing. If this happens to you, please be patient and respectful as we are doing everything we can to provide a safe and effective surgical outcome for you or your loved one.
  • You will be brought into a preoperative room and get to meet our fantastic nurses. You will be asked to change into a gown. You will be asked questions, filling in the required documentation. You will sometimes be asked the same question by multiple members of the team. Please be patient with us as we want to validate your responses.
  • You will have an IV started.
  • The anesthesiologist/CRNA will evaluate you, develop a plan for going to sleep, waking up, airway management, nausea prevention, and pain management. Again, while some of this feels repetitive, it is essential for your safety during your procedure.
  • You are now ready to go to surgery.

Once your procedure is completed, you will be moved to a Post-Op area. Your anesthesiologist or CRNA will provide details about your condition to nursing staff who will monitor your condition vigilantly. Your wake-up will be gradual and your pain level will be assessed continuously.

If you are returning home, you will be discharged at the appropriate time, based upon the assessment of the doctor or CRNA who managed you in surgery. If you are remaining in the hospital, you will be moved to your room where you will continue to be monitored by medical staff