Kentucky Anesthesia Group anesthesiologists specialize in taking care of children during surgery and other procedures.Anesthesia can be a scary prospect for children and their families.  Children of all ages present special challenges and needs to hospitals and surgery centers.  The  anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists of the Kentucky Anesthesia Group not only provide anesthesia for children, but also they provide support for the special emotional needs of the child and family.  Our team approach allows us to individualize pediatric anesthesia management while maintaining a consistently high quality of care throughout the surgical experience.  

Before surgery or a procedure, important directions will be given to parents about what their child may eat or drink before the procedure and what medications should be taken.  Some children need medicine to help calm them before surgery, while others do not.  Kentucky Anesthesia Group understands that going through a surgical procedure can be unsettling for children and their families.  The idea that your child will be sedated for a medical procedure may be unnerving and stressful for you.  We want to assure you that your child will be in experienced and caring hands.  We will do everything possible to comfort your child during this experience.

At Kentucky Anesthesia Group, we specialize in taking care of children during surgery and other procedures.  Our anesthesiologists combine the right type of medicine to make sure that each child having a procedure is comfortable and pain-free.  For some procedures, children may not need to be all the way asleep.  However, for most procedures done in an operating room, children will need to be asleep.  Prior to surgery, our anesthesiologists evaluate each patient and make the decision for his or her care.  With over 250 aggregate years in practice, our team at Kentucky Anesthesia Group is prepared to consistently provide excellent quality anesthesia services.  

Pediatric surgical services covered by Kentucky Anesthesia Group  anesthesiologists include:

  • Orthopedics 
  • Otolaryngology (ENT) 
  • Dental procedures  
  • General surgery

Our anesthesiologists know how to treat children in ways that are most appropriate to their age as well as their medical situation.  While pediatric patients can require both minor and major types of surgery, there is no such thing as a minor anesthetic when it comes to children.  Kentucky Anesthesia Group  anesthesiologists have the knowledge, experience and techniques that can help ensure the best possible outcome in infants and children.  .

Making surgery as comfortable and stress-free as possible for children is one of our top priorities at Kentucky Anesthesia Group.  Because children’s anesthesia needs are so different, our anesthesiologists specially tailor anesthesia and pain management for pediatric patients whose bodies are still growing.  Anesthesia for each child is based on weight, height and type of surgery.  

Our anesthesiologists do the following:

  • Keep parents and patients as informed and prepared as possible by explaining the procedures, treatment and pain plans and by easing the child into anesthesia at their own speed.
  • Select appropriate methods and levels of anesthesia to reduce the child’s anxiety.
  • Allow the pediatric patients to wake up on their own time.
  • Focus on providing optimum medical care while providing a caring, empathetic patient experience that is as comfortable as possible.

When looking for the best anesthesiologists in Kentucky, look no further than Kentucky Anesthesia Group.  Our dedicated pediatric anesthesia team members have specialty training in pediatric care.  We’re committed to providing the best pediatric care throughout every procedure.  For more information, please call (859) 268-1030.